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Latest News • UNICEF’s Next Generation’s 2nd Annual UNICEF Masquerade Ball
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As you might know Amber Riley and Kevin McHale have a radio show every Friday and this Friday Jenna will be a special guest on there

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Kindred Adoption?
Kindred’s initiative is to provide international and domestic adoptees and their families (both adoptive and biological) with services such as travel, translation, and therapy for those who wish to reunite; easily accessible hotlines; introduction to art and encouragement of artistic expression; and programs set in native countries to aid orphans living within the foster care and government systems. No matter how big or small the need, the foundation’s goal is to aid adoptees and their families in finding stability and happiness.
Love and family is extendable not only to those with whom we share our DNA, but to whomever we choose to accept into our lives.

Kindred: The Foundation for Adoption is an American foundation created by adoptees Samantha Futerman and Jenna Ushkowitz.
In 2013, Samantha and Anaïs Bordier discovered that they were identical twin sisters separated at birth. When their story garnered worldwide attention, the twins heard countless stories about the joys and hardships experienced by fellow adoptees. Samantha knew she needed to use her new insight to aid adoptees and their families in a myriad of situations. She then reached out to fellow Korean American adoptee Jenna Ushkowitz for help.
From an early age, Samantha and Jenna possessed a unique bond as they grew up auditioning as actors alongside each other in New York City. Discovering their shared status as young female adoptees in the entertainment business, the girls developed an enduring friendship. Jenna enthusiastically joined Samantha to co-found Kindred, beginning their journey into advocacy for adoption.

You want to help/support Jenna and the others? You can donate here

Hanna Oct 3, 2014  

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